7V Soft Shell Jacket/Vest

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The Gerbing's black heated soft shell jacket with detachable sleeves is brand new in our collection. It is powered by a 7V battery. The soft shell jacket/vest only needs one battery to function which leaves one spare, but it comes with two batteries and a dual UK charger. By using heating elements on the back, chest and in the collar, this jacket will keep you warm when walking, fishing or watching a ball game in the cold. It has 4 pockets; 2 jacket pockets and 2 sleeve pockets. They are designed to fit snugly.


  • Includes two 7V 2.5Amps rechargable battery packs that hide away in a zippered pocket
  • You cannot feel the heating wire because of the patented Microwire® heating technology, which is the most efficient and durable way of heating
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements
  • Includes 2 battery packs and a dual charger BAT-LI-722 and BAT-LI-722CGD


- Heat: Microwire® Heating which surrounds the upper body with warmth
- Source: 7V battery pack
- Current: 1.1Amps / 7.7 Watts
- Surface Temperature: 57°C at -2°C to 2°C
- Available sizes: XXS - XXXL

Extra battery pack BAT-LI-722 for soft shell jacket £34,- a piece.
Extra dual charger BAT-LI-722CGD for charging 2 batteries simultaneously £16,-

Run time batteries*:

100% 2 hours
75% 3 hours
50% 5 hours
25% 8 hours

*The run time of the battery may vary due to outdoor temperatures. The capacity of the battery decreases when it gets colder. When temperatures are below 0°C the capacity will be +/- 80%.

Note: To extend your battery’s lifetime you have to maintain at least 25% of your battery’s power when not in use or left idle, i.e. in the summer period. Therefore charge your batteries once every month (write it down on your calendar).


Size: EAN code:
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size XXS 8719481821609
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size XS 8719481821616
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size S 8719481821623
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size M 8719481821630
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size L 8719481821647
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size XL 8719481821654
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size XXL 8719481821661
7V Heated Jacket/Vest size XXXL 8719481821678


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