12V Heated Textile Gloves

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There is nothing more irritating as having cold hands and numb finger tips while on your moped or bicycle or when having a nice long walk in the winter. But why should you suffer this? Gerbing's has developed intelligent gloves that keep your hands and fingers warm at all times, no matter how low the temperature drops. These 12V electric heated gloves are fitted with a wind and moisture blocking strap and can be connected directly to your moped’s or electric wheelchair's battery by using the included battery harness and Junior Temperature Controller. When you wear these on your bicycle or wheelchair, or even on a hand-bike, you can get the optional 12V battery packs BAT-LI-124 or the more powerful BAT-LI-128, both need a long Y-cable. You will not feel the heating wires due to Gerbing’s patented Microwire® heating technology, the most efficient and durable way of heating.


  • Waterproof, windproof and breathing Hipora® lining to protecto from moisture and wind
  • Thinsulate® insulation for extra warmth and comfort
  • Soft tricot fleece lining
  • The glove heats the entire length and side of each finger including the thumb, back of the hand and finger tips
  • You cannot feel the heating wire due to the patented Microwire® heating technology, which is the most efficient and durable way of heating
  • Lifetime warranty on the heating elements
  • Includes the Junior Controller, which allows you to adjust the temperature with four heat settings, and battery harness

- Heat: Microwire® Heating which surrounds the hand with warmth
- Source: 12V DC (e.g. battery of a car, scooter, boat, airplane, etc.)
- Current: 2.2 Amp / 27 Watts
- Surface Temperature: 57°C at -2°C to 2°C
- Available sizes: XXS – XXL

BAT-LI-124KIT, 1 pcs 12V 4Amp Hybrid Battery including charger, neoprene belt case and adjustable belt £109 and long Y-cable £14
BAT-LI-128KIT, 1 pcs 12V 8Amp Hybrid Battery including charger, neoprene belt case and adjustable belt £164 and long Y-cable £14

Run time batteries*:

BAT-LI-124 BAT-LI-128
Level 1: 7 hours Level 1: 12 hours
Level 2: 4.5 hours Level 2: 6 hours
Level 3: 3 hours Level 3: 5 hours
When connected to the battery of a vehicle: continuous

*The run time of the battery may vary due to outdoor temperatures. The capacity of the battery decreases when it gets colder. When temperatures are below 0°C the capacity will be +/- 80%

Note: To extend your battery’s lifetime you have to maintain at least 25% of your battery’s power when not in use or left idle, i.e. in the summer period. Therefore charge your batteries once every month (write it down on your calendar).

Note: When using the batteries you cannot use the 12V Junior Controller.

Warning: These gloves are not designed for motorcycle riding as they provide no protection.


Size: EAN code:
TEX12 size XXS 8719481820404
TEX12 size XS 8719481820411
TEX12 size S 8719481820428
TEX12 size M 8719481820435
TEX12 size L 8719481820442
TEX12 size XL 8719481820459
TEX12 size XXL 8719481820466
TEX12 size XXXL 8719481820473


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