Why should I chose for heated gloves?

Often visitors ask us "What's the difference between heated gloves and heated grips?" and "Why would you choose heated gloves over heated grips?". The answer is actually quite simple and there are several reasons why heated gloves are better than heated grips.

Firstly: cold hands and cold fingers are usually caused by cold head wind. And where does that cold wind hit you? Directly, on the front of your hands, namely on your fingers and finger tips. Where do heated grips heat? The inside of your hand, namely the palm of your hand. Heated grips are nice in spring or autumn, but when the temperature drops below five degrees Celsius, they are useless. When it gets really cold, heated gloves are a must have for motorcyclists. Gerbing's heated gloves heat each finger (and thumb) individually, and also the finger tips and the back of your hand. With these gloves your hands are nice and warm, even if the outside temperature is far below freezing point.
Secondly: heated grips make the membrane of your gloves work the other way round. Instead of the membrane keeping the water out of your gloves, it will now let water come through. Result: the gloves will absorb the water in no time and your hands will get even colder.
Thirdly: When it is winter you usually ride with thick winter gloves. When you have heated grips, the warmth has to get through the thick gloves to reach the palm of your hands. You will have a slightly warmer hand palm but your fingers and finger tips will still be frozen.
Fourthly: you can take the heated gloves with you when you buy a new motorcycle or you can use them on more than one motorcycle. If you sell your old bike you will also lose the grips.
Fifthly: Gerbing's has a lifetime warranty on the heating elements on all of their heated products. You will only have to buy it once and never again.