BCG12V-1400KIT 12V 1.4A Gerbing Battery Kit

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This battery pack includes two powerful rechargable 12V Litium-Ion batteries with micro processor technology. These batteries seem to ‘disappear’ into the cuff of the hybrid heated motorcycle gloves or the XR12 heated motorcycle gloves with extra protection.

The battery has a built-in temperature controller with three heat settings and a LED-light that indicates the remaining power of the battery. Each battery (BAT-LI-121) is rechargable for at least 500 cycles and comes with a dual UK charger. The output of this battery is 11.2V. The output of a running engine is 13.8V. So the gloves will get warmer when you connect them directly to the battery of your vehicle.

- Source: 12V DC
- Current: 1.1 Amps per battery
- Weight: Only 4.5 ounces / 130 grams per battery

*The run time of the batteries may vary due to outdoor temperatures. The capacity of the battery decreases when it gets colder. When temperatures are below 0°C the capacity will be +/- 80%

Note: To extend your battery’s lifetime you have to maintain at least 25% of your battery’s power when not in use or left idle, i.e. in the summer period. Therefore charge your batteries once every month (write it down on your calendar).

Note: This is the complete battery kit. If you only need the battery, see the BAT-LI-121 page. If you only need the UK charger, see the BAT-LI-121CG page.

This battery pack works with the following products:
12V Hybrid Heated Gloves
12V XR Heated Gloves


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